About Us

As we all are aware that Business/Profession of ‘Overseas Education Consultant’ is passing through many ups and down these days. This industry is serving clients since many years. We also believe that this business is noble business. We not only arrange admissions for our students and help them to join higher studies abroad but also play important role in their career making.

There are two sides of coin. All is not well in this industry. A lot of unprofessional happenings in the past years added bad name to this profession. Many companies mushroomed in few years and they simply misled people and brought bad name to this industry. Due to such activities of few unprofessional people, the whole industry is being portrayed wrongly in media and other forums.

This is the very right time to stand against unprofessional elements to save the professional image of the industry. With the aim and motive to set professional values, SACA is formed. SACA is committed to find ways to improve the public image of the profession. A lot of things are there where we can change, including how you’re marketing/advertising your business as well as the quality of service you offer. Building a good relationship with clients as well upholding ethical values are equally important.

Maintaining high standards of professional conduct of business, Advertising in an ethical manner by not engaging in false, misleading and damaging messages, Always acting in the best interests of students while respecting institutional policies are also among motives behind the formation of SACA.

SACA is dedicated to upheld professional values as well as professional interests of the industry.

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