1. To coordinate the services of all Advisors involved in promoting overseas education.

2. To promote the good reputation of members throughout India and abroad and to foster free exchange of ideas and cooperation between members.

3. To conduct seminars in order to present information to the Government and to the general public on the benefits of overseas education and the procedures involved with it.

4. To provide guidance on overseas education to all tiers of Government, statutory authorities and organizations involved in promoting overseas institutions and to support or oppose bills or other legislation affecting the interests of the industry and its members.

5. To enhance cross-cultural understanding by providing a platform for discussion to all organizations involved in the industry.

6. To promote overseas education by means of conferences, exhibitions, seminars etc.

7. To establish, promote and maintain standards for the conduct of members and to ensure that the services provided by members are of the highest standard and in accordance with the Code of Ethics.

8. To promote and strengthen business cooperation among members by encouraging student referrals within members.

9. To represent the grievances and support every member of the Association.

10. To institute yearly awards to felicitate best performing members.

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